Nox is a 7 minute long movie directed by Franck BALSON, Ghislain GARLIN,
Benoit MANNEQUIN and Bertrand TODESCO, four students from SUPINFOCOM.
The movie was done in 8 months starting from scratch to the final dvd burning.
Two creatures, an adult and an infant, rush in the depths of a cave, and discover a baby
monster who’s hunting insects. The adult catches the baby monster and devours him.
Mean while, the infant follows the insect, released from the monster’s claws.
Suddenly, the monster’s mother springs from nowhere and crushes the adult
creature with her sharp teeth. The child, horrified, runs away, using the closest gallery.
Unfortunately, after having a bad fall, he turns out to be in the maze of an unfriendly cemetery.

A wild chase begins, in which the huge and revengeful monster
wants to put an end to the innocent child’s life !